December 14, 2020by Deepak

How to generate leads for my home improvement business?

Out of the 100 ways to generate leads for your home improvement business we are just going to talk about the top 3. These top 3 sources are going to drive you 80% of your leads. 

Google Pay Per Click(PPC) Ads:

Home improvement is a category that is heavily online. People are looking out for vendors who can provide quality service at an affordable price. 

Google Ads for Home Improvement Business: 

Google ads work like a charm for this category and you can expect hot leads from this lead source. 

Google leads are hot because you buy traffic from keywords that are relevant to your business. 

You can read more about Google Ads at

If you know nothing about Google ads it’s better if you hire an expert. You risk burning more money learning the platform and the learning curve is not worth it considering you still have to focus on delivering your home improvement services. 

TCT Digital Marketing Agency has been running ads for a marble restoration business in Toronto for more than 3 months. We have made this business ROI positive in 21 days. 

SEO: Search Engine Optimization   

SEO is the process of ranking your website on the first page of Google for relevant keywords in your industry. 

SEO traffic is as good as Google ads traffic and is free. Yes, you don’t pay a single dollar for SEO traffic. 

Wait, there is a catch. There always is a catch!

SEO Takes 4-6 months to show results. 

You have to seed keywords on your website and publish high-quality content for your users. Then you have to support this website with high-quality backlinks on the internet. 

Your best bet is to outsource SEO because it requires content as well as technical knowledge. You can find expert SEO consultants<link> here.  

Facebook/Instagram Ads:

The second best lead source for your home improvement business is via social media ads. Facebook and Instagram both offer lead generation ad types. 

With correct positioning and attractive ads, you can reach out to an insanely big chunk of the audience at fraction of the cost when compared to Google. 

It takes 4-6 weeks to turn Social Media Ads ROI positive. However with smart optimization, one can reach that stage sooner. 

The pandemic has changed how people look for services. It’s a big opportunity loss if you are not investing in digital marketing lead generation. Make sure you work on all the 3 lead generation activities recommended above. 

TCT was conceived with a vision to activate 1000 Canadian businesses in the digital ecosystem. Under this 1000 by 2022 program we offer one month of absolutely free service to businesses who have no digital presence. 

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